Aggie - CQMA Trainer


CQMA Fitness/Kickboxing Instructor


Coach Aggie is a devoted trainer, who goes beyond her way to help students on their goals. The Cardio Kickboxing program at CQMA is definitely enhanced by Aggie’s coaching skills. Her ability to organize the sequences of exercises potentialize the classe’s flow and transitions for an optimized fitness level.

“I have been training kick boxing since September 2012 training under Master Blake Lirette and Master Ryan Christopher (head instructors at  I started kickboxing just to change up my workout regiment and learn a different way to workout.  I was very surprised at how much I enjoyed the program and how quickly I was able to see a big change in my body.  I have always worked out but never in a martial arts program and the ability to change your body is fabulous.  I was so into wanting to learn martial arts that I rarely missed a class and expressed interest with Master Blake & Master Ryan in teaching classes.  The training and technique taught to me by both people was very instrumental in giving me insight into the martial arts of how to teach and make sure that students were training safe and also making sure that their technique was correct to avoid injuries as much as possible.  I am a very hands on instructor my goal is always to have every student (whether beginner or advanced) feel comfortable with the program and make sure they are using the correct technique to maximize their fitness goals while enjoying the learning process of Cardio Kickboxing”.