Master Blake

Master Blake

Owner CQMA


Started his martial arts journey over 30 years ago in a full contact Karate style (ITK) then moved to Kickboxing and Muay Thai where he won the Canadian Muay Thai, ISKA North American, and WKL World Muay Thai Titles, Fought and won in K-1 Las Vegas -with his trademark Spinning back kick KO!

Blake has lived and trained martial arts in Thailand, Japan, Los Angeles, San Fransisco, and Las Vegas.  He’s also experienced competition in pro boxing and MMA.  He currently holds a purple belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and trains combat wrestling.

Blake has a way of bringing out peoples confidence and energy and has had a lifetime of learning and teaching experience.

“Since growing up with martial arts I’ve learned the ability to embrace challenges in life and to keep moving forward; learning as I go.  Martial Arts has provided me with a supportive community environment where I’ve always been challenged and encouraged to try my best.  My passion is to share the martial arts experience with people of all ages.”


  •  International fight experience and title belts for BC, Canadian, North American, World Title in styles including Karate, Kickboxing, Boxing, and Muay Thai
  • K-1 Veteran
  • Over 20 years of Teaching experience with people of all ages
  • Currently training in several diciplines
  • Years of experience managing martial arts clubs


  • Canfit pro personal training
  • St. John’s first-aid CPR